Feb 112012

Joshua over at becoming minimalist has an article about how you can’t just clean and organize, you also have to get rid of things.

As he says:

“…simply organizing our stuff (without removing it) is always only a temporary solution. By definition, organizing possessions is an action that must be repeated over and over and over again. At its heart, organizing is simply rearranging. And though we may find storage solutions today, we are quickly forced to find new ones as early as tomorrow.”

He also discusses several downsides to keeping things instead of removing them:

  • The items do not benefit anyone else – If they are not being used by you why are you not letting someone else use them
  • It doesn’t solve our debt problems
  • It doesn’t make us want new things any less
  • It doesn’t force us to evaluate our lives
  • It accomplishes little in paving the way for other changes

He goes into detail on all of these and I recommend clicking on the link and reading them. He goes on to talk about how getting rid of things actually accomplishes all of the items on the list.

Via becomingminimalist

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