Feb 062012

Since last week I did a post about my closet purge I thought it would be a good idea to do one on how my closet is organized now.

As you can see I have things pretty well defined. This post is more about automating your life and making things really simple more than smaller. I know I could easily fit my clothes into less space but then it would not be as simple.

I am going to try to point out things that are not self explanatory.

  • Seasonal – This is for those items that you don’t use all of the time but it is good to have. Snow pants, Gloves, Swim suit etc
  • Socks – When I need new socks because the old ones get to many holes in them, I throw out all of that color sock that I have left. Then I buy 2-3 packs of the new socks that are the same color. Then I put them in their home place. I don’t roll them, fold them in pairs, etc. I just group them by color and in the morning when the room is dark I can always grab a pair that matches without having to think about it. As time goes along they all get used and if I have to throw out one here and there no big deal because they are all the same. I keep white and brown socks together because the color difference is still big enough that I can grab them in low light and I didn’t want any more bins.
    • This is different from my wife who has a bunch of socks that have to be matched exactly to 1 other sock in the bin. Way more work than what I want to put in when I am still half asleep.
  • Day Olds – If I have worn something for part of the day and it is not dirty yet. I fold it up and put it here. I don’t like mixing in my old clothes in with my clean clothes.
  • Belts and Ties – Wife and I share this aka she keeps here 1 belt in with my belts and ties
  • Work Shirts – These are all of the shirts I have with my companies logo on them. In the morning I just pick one at random and put it on and I know I am ready to work.
  • Every Day Shirts – 90% of these could also be worn to work but since it isn’t 100% I keep them separate.
  • Hamper – I love this hamper. Each of the bags is exactly the size of one load of laundry. So when it fills up I pull it out and run that load.
    • When I first started downsizing my clothes the hamper would not even fit underneath where it is now. Shows you how much I have purged down.

Now here are the pictures of my closet

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