Feb 282012

Over at street smart finance they had an interesting article called “4 Finance Lessons For My College Aged Daughters” While I don’t have any daughters college age or otherwise, I still think that he had good points

  1. Learn to make a simple budget
    • I use Mint.com to keep track of my budget. Really easy and automatically syncs with your bank accounts.
  2. Never spend more than you earn
    • Not that complicated of a concept but americans can’t seem to figure it out. I would recommend not even having a credit card.
  3. Make a commitment to save money
    • Trust me your car will break down some time and you will have to fix it. It is good to have money saved up so that you don’t go into debt which you have to pay back with interest.
    • You would rather have the interest working for toward your retirement.
  4. Be responsible and pay your bills on time
    • Might as well pay them on time so that you don’t have to pay them and late fees

The notes under each of them are mine I recommend clicking through to their article to read their reasons

via streetsmartfinance

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