Jan 282012

Ryan Mitchell over at The Tiny Life has an interesting post the other day about some college housing that has been defined as to small. That could be because it is only 94 sq ft. Even though it is small, it is really well laid out. If you think about it how much smaller is this than the average 2 person dorm room. I would not have minded this if it was my own personal space. Think about  it , you get a bed, shower, bathroom, sink, desk, and table all in the same 94 sq ft.  How many of you had bathrooms in your dorm rooms?

I am not sure how much they cost to build per unit in the first place but, the rent was $4400 per year.

Unfortunately the school that they were designed for thought that they were to small. :( I am guessing because it would be hard to get around inside of for someone in a wheelchair. To bad though. Would be cool to see them built.

Pictures by Jan Nordén

via TheTinyLife via afb.se

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