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My name is Nate. I currently live in West Michigan and work as a Computer Programmer.

As I was growing up I was like most Americans and always wanted more. I collected furniture, computers, clothes… and as I was moving around I moved everything with me.

About 3 years ago my wife (fiancé at the time) and I started looking for houses to buy that we could move into after we got married. What we were looking for usually ended up being 2000+ square feet and were either out of our price range or had a huge honey do list aka were fixer-up-ers. One night as I was going through my starred items in Google Reader, I started noticing a pattern:

  • 123 ways to live smaller
  • How to do more with less
  • etc

Those same themes kept coming up over and over again. I decided to take it as a sign that my sub-concious didn’t want to have the biggest place. My wife and I started looking at smaller houses and ended up finding one that was perfect for us. It is small, has no honey do list (my personal favorite), stylish and comfortable.¬†Our home is about 950 sq ft when my last apartment was 900 sq ft. If you look at it as a sq ft / person we went from 906 sq ft / person to 475 sq ft / person. A 425 sq ft / person drop.

The funny thing is that we ended up buying all of the furniture from the previous owner. So you know all of that furniture that I had been carefully moving from place to place (8 times since starting college)? It never moved and instead got given away or trashed. We ended up only moving 1 piece into the house and that was only because it had sentimental value to me. I really wish I would have learned to live smaller earlier on as it would have saved me a lot of lugging.

At first it did seem a little bit crowded fitting both of our stuff in 1 place and she didn’t even move in until we were married, about 6 months later. But since moving into the house we continue to purge on a regular basis and now the house almost seems big.

I hope you have a good idea now for who I am and why I live smaller.

Have a nice day,


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